U.S. House Passes Copyright “Small Claims” Bill with Overwhelming Majority

  The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the CASE Act, a new bill that proposes to institute a small claims court for copyright disputes. Supporters see the legislation as the ideal tool for smaller creators to protect their works, but opponents warn that it will increase the number of damages claims against regular Internet ... Read More »

23rd Oct 2020
MPA & ACE Team Up With Homeland Security to Dismantle Criminal Piracy Groups

The MPA, Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, Homeland Security's National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center and other groups have signed an agreement to collaborate on content protection efforts and launch a new public awareness campaign to deter citizens from engaging in IPTV, general streaming, and torrent-based ... Read More »

17th Sept 2020
Police Send Warning Letters to Pirate IPTV Customers Citing Fraud Act

Following the arrest of a 24-year-old man in the UK late June, police used his pirate IPTV service to display a warning message to subscribers. To further press home the message that viewing pirate streams is illegal, police are now serving thousands of GE Hosting's subscribers with cease-and-desist notices, referencing theoretical prosecutions ... Read More »

16th Sept 2020
Alleged Operators of Epic Stream IPTV Face List of Piracy Charges in Canada

Nova Scotia RCMP has charged two people in connection with Operation Hotwire, a federal investigation into illegal IPTV supply. The husband and wife team face a laundry list of charges that could result in a five year prison sentence, a CAD$1m fine, or both. The service in question hasn't been named but TorrentFreak understands that it operated ... Read More »

16th Sept 2020
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