Blue Plan No Longer Available

Members, We were just informed that the Blue plan will not be available moving forward. The plan will remain accessible through this weekend. Your plan will be canceled so a new invoice will not be generated. If you just paid an invoice, we will add that amount as a credit to your account. You can use that credit to choose one of our available ... Read More »

4th Sept 2021
Blue Plan Members

Maintenance is currently being done to the service. We will try to get it back up as soon as possible.

29th Aug 2021
How Does The Box Trade In Work?

1. See what your box is worth. The estimated box trade-in values are as follows: Dreamlink Dlite / Buzz TV Stick - $20 Dreamlink T2 / T2 Prime / Z7+ - $30 2. Get it ready to trade in. Ship or deliver the trade in box with all of its contents to the designated area or PO Box. Include all items that were included when you received the ... Read More »

4th Feb 2021
IPTV Provider Omniverse Wins $50m To Pay Hollywood’s $50m Piracy Damages

After being branded a pirate IPTV provider by the Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment and agreeing to pay $50 million in damages, Omniverse One World Television now has a victory of its own. All along the company argued that it had entered into a content licensing agreement in good faith and as a result has now been awarded $50 million in ... Read More »

2nd Feb 2021
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